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Access v4.60 Access v4.60 HOT

Access is a graphical DOS menu program that supports graphics mode up to 800x600 w/256 Colors.  Listings are broken up into groups and programs and can be selected by mouse, keyboard navigation or a quick key input method.  Listings can also have icons associated with them of which there are over 700 included and more can be added by using Windows  .ICO files.  I highly recommend this neat program launcher.  For more information visit - http://members.quicknet.nl/blankendaalr/


Version    Downloads  559.00 
Size  733.46 KB  Created  18-05-18 
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Price    Created by  mhoney 
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Author    MD5 Checksum  9ed1005a2696c5ed1e96bffea664d56f 
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