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RAR 3.93 [DOS] RAR 3.93 [DOS] HOT

RAR for DOS is the DOS version of the popular WinRAR utility. If you're playing DOS games on a real DOS computer, you'll need an archive program to unzip the files, and ancient copies of PKUnzip may not be able to unpack newer ZIP archives, and it certainly won't be recognize newer formats like RAR and 7z. RAR 3.93 can decompress anything that WinRAR 3.93 can. RARLAB will no longer release new versions of RAR for DOS; this is the last version of RAR. Newer versions for Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X are available on the author's website.

Version    Downloads  1,703.00 
Size  656.35 KB  Created  17-05-18 
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Price    Created by  mhoney 
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Author    MD5 Checksum  041777e6b9d4c7e908eaf29302e6c48c 
Website    SHA1 Checksum  7888174a72e2f7c96dc715cc46230efcf3e55b58 
Filename: rarx393.exe
Size: 656.35 KB