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zip.png ARC 6.02 HOT


ARC version 6.02 by System Enhancement Associates.

Date 17-05-18 Language  English System  DOS File Size 91.28 KB Download 587.00 Download
zip.png LHA v2.55e HOT

LHA v2.55e - LHA is an older but popular archiver which shares similar compression statistics with PKZip.

Date 05-10-19 Language  English System  DOS File Size 64.16 KB Download 537.00 Download
zip.png PAK v2.51 HOT

PAK is a utility to create and maintain file archives in compressed form.  There are several advantages to compressing files.  On a hard disk, most files are accessed infrequently.  Reducing the size of these files allows more of them to remain on the hard disk, where they are more accessible than on a floppy in a file cabinet, and frees disk space for other use.

Date 05-10-19 Language  English System  DOS File Size 100.92 KB Download 503.00 Download
zip.png RAR 3.93 [DOS] HOT

RAR for DOS is the DOS version of the popular WinRAR utility. If you're playing DOS games on a real DOS computer, you'll need an archive program to unzip the files, and ancient copies of PKUnzip may not be able to unpack newer ZIP archives, and it certainly won't be recognize newer formats like RAR and 7z. RAR 3.93 can decompress anything that WinRAR 3.93 can. RARLAB will no longer release new versions of RAR for DOS; this is the last version of RAR. Newer versions for Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X are available on the author's website.

Date 17-05-18 File Size 656.35 KB Download 1,704.00 Download